In my Marketing Applications class, we’re all currently starting a massive project that involves creating a marketing plan for a company in Vancouver, and my group got this awesome company called Lunapads! Being totally honest, I had no idea what Lunapads was, and had never heard of the company before… however a girl in my group, Ali, mentioned that she had heard the founders speak at a conference once and said she thought it looked like an awesome company with extremely passionate management, so here we are!

downloadSo what is Lunapads you might be asking… well, brace yourselves boys, but Lunapads is a leading supplier and manufacturer of reusable cotton menstrual pads in Vancouver. They really focus on girls and their bodies and making a period something for women to be proud of, and not to be embarrassed to talk about like many of us kind of are today. So the product is bright and colourful, and turns feminine hygiene product shopping into a more enjoyable experience! In addition, it also has many health benefits associated with it, and most importantly… IS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY! YAY!

Each Lunapad replaces approximately 140 disposable pads… which if you think about it is really pretty impressive. I think a lot of people don’t even realise the degree of waste that comes from feminine hygiene products, but Lunapads is an excellent product that enables women to drastically decrease their ecological footprint, while saving money.

download (1)

I think this product is really interesting, because it really makes sense as the logical innovation to be made in the feminine hygiene industry. Disposable pads should be a thing of the past in our consumer market that is so heavily focused now-a-days on sustainable and eco-friendly practices, but for some reason they aren’t. Lunapads is trying to change the way people talk about periods, and to embrace them, and not be grossed out and uncomfortable at the slightest mention of them, while making a positive impact on the environment.

Soo… would you ever use a Lunapad?!


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