Slacktivism: Is it really all that bad?


After learning about Slacktivism in class last week, I was really on the fence about how I felt about it.

On one hand, I totally agree with the idea that lots of people partake juuuust enough in a social good to make it evident that they care about the topic, yet they don’t actually contribute any money, help, or action towards solving the issue. But on the other hand, I think that we shouldn’t reprimand people for communicating support for a social cause, even if it is just a simple like of a Facebook page.

I think that the fact that people are doing ANYTHING to support a cause, be it wearing a ribbon, growing a moustache or liking a Facebook page, should be seen as a positive for the cause. At least these people are publicly acknowledging the cause, and committing to it in at least some way. The people wearing a little pink ribbon for breast cancer, albeit they aren’t contributing very much in comparison with those people who participate in runs to raise money, at least they are spreading awareness, and are contributing much more than most people who do absolutely nothing!  Who knows, maybe by growing a moustache, other people who have the money and means to contribute may learn about the cause, and they might contribute!


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