Banning Bottled Water at UBC


After scanning though some blog posting, I noticed my friend Julia’s post titled “What’s the Deal with Bottled Water?”. She discussed the controversy that the AMS is currently facing in regard to whether they should ban bottled water, and take a stand for sustainability. The problem with banning bottled water however is that it is a huge seller amongst students at UBC. If you want to read Julia’s post, it can be found here.

So this post really got me thinking. I agree with Julia that eventually the AMS will need to ban bottled water, just based on the fact that it is so harmful on the environment, and it’s a product that has a very inexpensive and easy alternative. However I think that they need to be strategic in how exactly they ban bottled water… for them to simply take bottled water out of all stores on campus would be pretty unfair in my opinion, because it is true that some people do rely on bottled water! Also, while there are water fountains around campus to refill any reusable bottle, the water is never very cold, and it tastes kind of funny. For the AMS to take out bottled water entirely, they need to provide an alternative that is similar in quality to the pristine, ice cold water that people are used to buying. If the AMS are able to do this, I think more people would support the idea.


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