Nike’s reuse a shoe….Skeptical.

downloadI was going through blogs, and I stumbled across Adriens… where he mentioned an interesting initiative that Nike is currently undertaking called Reuse a Shoe. As Adrien’s blog explains, the program is designed to let Nike consumers recycle their old shoes when they purchase a new pair of Nikes, and parts of the old shoes will be reused in tracks and sports surfaces. So while I definitely agree with Adrien that this is a great idea, and will put an otherwise garbage product to good use as something else, I can’t help but think it’s an example of green harvesting. I feel like Nike’s operations as a whole are extremely unsustainable, especially in regard to the product treatment facilities and the conditions they force their workers to work under in undeveloped countries… who can forget the infamous sweat shop catastrophe  Now instead of Nike using cleaner facilities, paying their workers more, or providing a healthy place to work, they have chosen to donate old shoes to be seen as sustainable. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Nike collects all the shoes, and then just dishes them off to another company who actually undergoes the effort of turning the material into something that can be used on a track. It just seems to me like they’re going for the low-hanging fruit per se, to get consumers back on their side and supporting them as a “sustainable” company.


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