My group in class was assigned Offsetters as our company for our team paper, and up until then I had honestly never heard of the concept before. Now that I have learned more about offsetting, I am quite on the fence with how I feel about it to be honest. At first I thought it was really great, companies who participate in industries where poor environmental impact is inevitable have a way to make up for their negative eco-footprint. But then I realized that some companies are using Offsetters almost as a means to justify being harsh on the environment with cost saving technology that has a negative eco-impact. Take Coca-Cola for example… their business is extremely unsustainable, mainly due to the harsh impact that natural resource depletions and transportation of their products has on the Earth. If Coke wanted to be truly sustainable, they would build a production facility in every country the operate in, and would sell coke in a different type of container instead of using precious metals and glass. They would obviously never do this though, because it would be extremely expensive. Instead however, Coke is able to go through a company like Offsetters, and pay money to save a part of the environment that they are essentially harming directly themselves…. seems like a vicious cycle to me! Harm the environment, feel bad…. save the environment, feel good so that you can harm the environment again!

But then again, I suppose the companies with a negative environmental impact are going to exist no matter what, and at least there is a way for them to be accountable and do something about it now!


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