A Whole New (Sustainable) World, a New Fantastic Point of View!


csr_lightbulbAfter taking this class, I’d have to say my view of sustainability and sustainability marketing has changed quite a bit.

First and foremost, it has made me aware to the many tactics that companies are shamelessly using to appear green, but that are pretty much just scamming consumers such as green washing!  I’ve never really thought about that before, and before this course I would have definitely been tricked into truly believing that these companies were all really green, but now I clearly know better!

Secondly, to be honest before taking this class it wasn’t really a top of mind priority for me to take into consideration green-factors when designing or promoting a product. I remember when I was in grade 10 I did a project where we had to design a product for marketing in another country. I designed shampoo, and made it  come packaged in individual one-use plastic bottles, that you would buy over and over again. I remember my teacher at the time giving me less marks because she wondered about the environmental impact of the project, and I thought to myself “who cares…. it looks pretty, people will love it”. Then this year, I actually took international marketing at the University level, and we had to undertake the same project. During a groups presentation they were explaining their product, and all I could think about the entire time was how unsustainable and bad for the environment the product was! This “aha!” moment was really pivotal for me because it really proved that I’ve kind of almost come full circle in how I think about sustainability in regard to marketing, and how I really consider it to be an extremely important attribute now, and a necessity to consider!



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