Nike’s reuse a shoe….Skeptical.

I was going through blogs, and I stumbled across Adriens… where he mentioned an interesting initiative that Nike is currently undertaking called Reuse a Shoe. As Adrien’s blog explains, the program is designed to let Nike consumers recycle their old shoes when they purchase a new pair of Nikes, and parts of the old shoes […]


My group in class was assigned Offsetters as our company for our team paper, and up until then I had honestly never heard of the concept before. Now that I have learned more about offsetting, I am quite on the fence with how I feel about it to be honest. At first I thought it […]

Banning Bottled Water at UBC

After scanning though some blog posting, I noticed my friend Julia’s post titled “What’s the Deal with Bottled Water?”. She discussed the controversy that the AMS is currently facing in regard to whether they should ban bottled water, and take a stand for sustainability. The problem with banning bottled water however is that it is […]

Sustainable Underwear… why not?!

After reading the case about Matt & Nat and their dedication to making sustainable products, and hearing about the Ten Trees Apparel in class last week, I started to think about other companies that I knew of that focused on sustainable practices as a method of differentiation, and I thought of Clifford Soft Goods.   […]